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Pamoja Child Foundation is a small scaled development aid organisation in Awasi, Kenia. Pamoja Child Foundation aims at a society with a conductive environment for children to grow up in so they can fully develop themselves to self reliant and responsible citizens. You can download alll information regarding our organisation and finance inlcuding alle reports, here 

Pamoja Child Foundation works by means of 4 pilars:

  • Through individual sponsorship of orphans and vulnerable children, we offer these children access to education and healthcare. This will give them the opportunity of independence and self reliance. Furthermore, we monitor the physical and mental well-being of the children.
  • School as a safe haven; with this we support ...
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I am Victor Odhiambo

"I am Victor Odhiambo and I'm so much happy with all Pamoja sponsors for the assistance in education since the year 2002 up to 2013. I am the first child in our family; we were with 10 children and as we continued to grow up, seven of us died and later my father died as well. So my mother could not manage to ...

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Return to School Programm

When young girls hit the adolescence stage, most tend to be overwhelmed by the changes they go through. These changes mostly have repercussions to the youngsters as they try to find their way yet remain grounded on already developed character and virtues.
Pamoja is a strong believer in guiding the youngsters in ...

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